60 Minute Kids' Club Challenge starts Saturday

Posted on: October 12th, 2011

We have recently chosen to be a part of the 60minutekidsclub initiative. The 60 Minute Kids club is a platform designed to increase physical activity & healthy lifestyle engagement levels of youth in the age ranges of 5-12 years old. It functions by combining a challenge, accountability, incentive & follow up to anyone engaging in physical activity programs (new programs – or existing programs). We have chosen to participate with 15000 students from BC & Ontario to determine who has the most active students in these regions. This will be a friendly competition with past grand prizes including a school trip to TELUS world of science and the Vancouver Aquarium at the end of the school year. We will be hosting an assembly on a pre determined date in advance of the Oct 15th start time to share the kidsclub information with our students. If you would like to view their assembly, please click here.

We hope you will make the time to understand how the program works so that together, we can advocate healthy habits. Please click here for your virtual parent kidsclub assembly.

As part of the kidsclub program there is a dedicated section for parents to:

• Speak directly with a nutrition or fitness expert
• Download your own FREE 90 day kidsclub parents wellness program
• Utilize the kidsclub shopping cart for fitness related products.
• Track your own fitness progress
• Share tips and strategies on the kidsclub parents forum.

Again, we thank you for participating in this program

Downloadable Files: